Kimberly S.G. Chang, MD, MPH

I, Kimberly Chang, offer my candidacy
for Vice Speaker of the House.

I believe Community Health Centers represent the best of America. From our Civil Rights roots, our strength lies in actively engaging and organizing our patients and communities to improve their health. We are unified in connecting who we serve with the systems and processes of how we serve – never forgetting why we serve. Our work – providing high quality care, advocating universal access, improving health systems, empowering community participation – means we are engines of economic and social mobility.

Originally from Hawai‛i, I studied cross-cultural issues at Columbia University, earned an MD at the University of Hawai‛i, specialized in Family Medicine at UCSF, and completed the Commonwealth Fund Minority Health Policy Fellowship at Harvard, examining the role of FQHCs in combatting human trafficking. I’ve spent 16 years at Asian Health Services – as a family doctor, a clinic director, and a policy advocate. Learning from mentors, I helped create and lead a national anti-human trafficking health movement to 1) care for people who’ve been traumatized and exploited, and 2) change the policies, systems, and conditions causing harms. With NACHC, I’ve assisted clinicians, health centers, and PCAs nationwide to care for patients just like mine. I’ve testified and worked with the US Helsinki Congressional Commission, policymakers, the Institute of Medicine, foundations, academia, and the media – relentlessly keeping our patients and FQHCs in sharp focus.

I’m grateful to give back. As Vice Speaker, I will honor our history and deep roots of patient-centered care and advocacy, even as we embrace change and innovation. Thank you NACHC and all of YOU, pioneers in creating, building, and sustaining the Community Health Center Movement! Excited for our future, I stand on the shoulders of giants, ready to serve.